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What To Consider When Looking At Cell Phone Plans

Are you looking to switch to a new cell phone provider but are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the information and how it is presented? If so, it will help to know what to consider when shopping for a new plan.

Decide On Prepaid Or Postpaid 

Start by deciding if you want a prepaid or postpaid cellular plan. The obvious difference between the two is when you pay for the service, whether you pay before or after the month of usage is over. Many people like prepaid plans because they avoid any potential overages that can happen over the course of the month. However, postpaid plans can be more convenient and may even offer more savings, but this plan can involve signing up for a contract to get the service and any new phone discount.

Know Your Potential Plan Size

Switching to a new cell phone provider is a good time to reassess how many people are going to be on your plan. Family plans are very common between cell phone providers, and they can give you a great discount on the overall monthly service price and help everyone save money in the end. However, the size of your plan can impact which service provider you use and the type of discount you receive, since there may be family plan size limits.

Start talking with your family members to figure out if they are happy with their cell phone provider or if they want to change plans. Chances are that if more people can switch with you, it will result in bigger savings. 

Check Your Data Usage

The best way to figure out how much data you need is to look at your previous history of data usage. Many cell phones track this information and hide it away in the system settings, which can tell you exactly how much WiFi and cellular data that you use. Your cell phone provider can also tell you how much data you've used each month if you look back at previous bills.

This information will help you select a plan that is going to work best for you and help you figure out which types of data plans you should be comparing. 

Check Your Coverage

It is crucial that you don't just check the coverage at home, but the places where you use your phone the most. Check the coverage maps to see if you get a signal at work, school, your vacation home, along your commute, and other places that you frequently travel. The last thing you want is to discover you don't have great reception well after you decided to switch services. 

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