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Is Your High-Speed Internet Fast Enough?

Most American families today are on at least some type of broadband when it comes to internet service. But while all broadband is of course faster than the old 56K modems of the early days of the internet, not all broadband really deserves to be called "high-speed". Sure, cable or even DSL is faster than 56K, even at its lower level, but it's not necessarily running fast enough to take advantage of today's technology. When you see a service saying that it requires high-speed internet, it likely has a minimum level that you have to hit in order for you to have a positive experience. Here are some of the reasons why it might be time to contact your high-speed internet provider and ask them to upgrade you to a faster plan.

The Best Streaming Uses a Lot of Data

More and more companies are now offering 4K-quality streaming. Some services still make you pay for getting Ultra-HD as opposed to regular HD, but there are even services out there that now provide 4K streaming as part of the base or main plan. But simply upgrading your television set to one that is 4K-capable is not enough to take advantage of this better-quality picture. You need to actually have the internet bandwidth and speed capable of handling the immense amount of data that a 4K stream is sending down to your television. If you are still on the lowest possible tier of "high-speed internet", you're probably not going to be able to stream 4K without some major hiccups like buffering.

Almost Every Device in Your House Is Online All the Time

Years ago, each family only had one computer and people would have to take turns going online. Today, just about every device you own is capable of connecting to the internet. Your computers, your tablets, your television, your Blu-Ray player, your video game consoles, your smartphones, and maybe even some of your kitchen appliances are now capable of going online. With that many devices always on and always connected, you are going to have a bad experience if your internet service doesn't have enough bandwidth. 

If you upgrade your internet, your kids will be able to play an online game while Mom and Dad stream a 4K video in the living room while your teenager browses the web on his or her tablet. Contact your internet service provider today to discuss your options.