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Setting Up IT Support Services For Your Employees

Computers are quickly becoming the backbone of most companies, and if you have a machine go down, the chances are, the employee using it is going to need someone to help diagnose the problem. If you do not have an IT (information technology) staff, you should consider setting up business IT services for your company. 

Internal Tech Support

If your company is large enough to support it, hiring a couple of IT techs and setting up an IT department is not a bad idea. Having someone onsite can make a difference when there is a problem with a work station or if someone has a device issue that they need help with. 

Often a tech is going to be able to fix the problem more quickly if they can work directly on the workstation or device that is acting up, so having them in the building is excellent, but you need to have enough work for them to make it worth adding the additional position, salary, and benefits. Often smaller companies don't have the budget to support hiring more than one or two IT techs if that.

Contract IT Services

If your company can't afford to pay for inhouse IT techs, you may want to consider contracting an outside tech service that can be available by phone anytime your employees need them. These services often have a wide variety of techs with varying levels of experience, so if you have a significant issue, they can put a high-level tech on the problem, but for small, routine things, a lower-tier tech can help you get your issue resolved. 

The system works to prioritize needs and gets you the right tech for the job faster. Many of these services will send a tech to you if you can not resolve the issue over the phone. The downside is that you have to wait for a tech to arrive, and there is no way to know if they are coming from across town or the country. 

Contract In House Sevices

The other option is to use a service provided by an outside company with techs that work on your site but are not on your payroll. Like hiring temporary employees, these techs are contractors, but they are assigned to your company, so they are there every day if you need them. Your company pays a set contract amount, and the service provides the techs for you. 

This can be a good situation if the contract is cheaper than hiring a couple of technicians yourself. You will have to look at the numbers and determine that for your company.